US Senator Demands to Know How Twitter’s Paid Verification Works

Twitter’s account verification system came under unnecessary scrutiny from government officials after a reporter impersonated a US Senate account during an investigation.

During the investigation, accused Ed Markey sent a letter to Elon Musk questioning how this happened. He also questioned how Twitter verifies accounts and the steps taken to prevent misinformation on the platform.

Impersonating an Official Account

Everyone is outraged by Elon Musk’s Twitter obsession. The list also includes the name of US Senator Ed Markey, who recently starred in the attack on a Washington Post reporter.

To test how easy it is to get a verified badge, one reporter paid $8 and received his blue verification mark in minutes, allowing him to impersonate comedians Erskine and Ed Markey with permission.

This worries Ed Markey, who wrote to Elon Musk as an example of how the new payment verification system could stop fraudsters! They were outraged that Twitter not only allowed their accounts to be copied, but also told users that the verification was due to the government’s role in the pop-ups.

All this while testing interest in the original ad mark account. Markey, whom Musk accused of making “random” changes to Twitter, asked him to compare the details of Twitter’s verification process with the previous process.

Although it has until Nov. 25 to respond, it’s unclear whether Musk will pursue legal action in absentia. Twitter is already facing lawsuits from its former employees, including the entire communications team, who were given little notice before being suspended.

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