Mitsubishi developed industrial robots based on artificial intelligence

The Mitsubishi Electric specialists developed several algorithms, including feedback algorithms for industrial robots based on artificial intelligence from Maisart, which is also the development of the company. The use of artificial intelligence in this area allows to guarantee a greater precision of the robots that perform individual operations, shorten the human training time of the robot and increase the speed of performing complex operations.

In tests carried out by experts from Mitsubishi Electric, it was discovered that algorithms based on artificial intelligence reduced the time required to perform a single assembly operation by up to 65 percent. At the same time, the movements of the robots were more measured and smooth than the movements of the same robot working with standard algorithms.

In addition to speeding up work, new control algorithms can significantly save robot resources. After a quieter movement and less applied forces, moving parts and components are less tensioned, which reduces wear.

Increased accuracy of movement increases the efficiency of using industrial robots to perform jobs that require additional accuracy, particularly when installing components on printed circuit boards, assembling complex mechanical assemblies and devices. And in the future, similar algorithms can be adapted to control not only industrial robots but also robotic medical surgeons that require greater precision, smoothness and dimensionality of movement.

The representatives of Mitsubishi Electric will demonstrate the full potential of their new robot control algorithms at the International Robotics Exhibition, which will take place in Tokyo from November 29 to December 2 of this year.

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