8 Steps For Planning a Birthday Party

Kids don’t just love birthday parties – adults do too! But you didn’t plan the party. Where to start? Is it okay to blow up some balloons and give them to the sound makers? Do you need entertainment? Below are 8 easy steps to help you plan the perfect birthday party.

8 Steps to Planning a Birthday Party

1- Budget

A small budget should be implemented for planning each party. Be realistic about what you can do, and then stick to it. It is also useful to identify which factors are most important. Do you have a big, fancy cake set? Do you hire entertainers? Do you need a lot of decorations? Figure out what you think will be the biggest chunk of change and adjust the rest of your budget accordingly. Don’t forget to budget for your gift.

2- Choose Any Theme

When choosing a theme for an adult birthday, there is a lot to consider! From surprise parties or casino nights to Hollywood glamor or “over the hill” there are many themes you can make unique. But remember – the party is in honor of someone special, so stay away from anything awkward or embarrassing.

3- Who’s Who

Who are you inviting to the birthday party? Just a few close friends? Friends and colleagues? Family? Does everyone know the guest of honor? Will it be “women only” or “men only”? If it’s not a surprise party, work with the guest of honor (and your budget) to figure out how many guests will be invited to the shindig.

4- When And Where

Once you know how many people will be attending, you need to decide where to hold the birthday party. Is your room big enough? Should everyone rent tables and chairs? Or do you party in a restaurant or hall? Decide which location suits your needs and set the date and time.

5- Send Invitations

Once you’ve decided on the location, date, and time, it’s time to send out the invitations. Try sending guests 4-6 weeks in advance to buy gifts and make travel and/or childcare arrangements. Invitations range from formal and traditional to casual and fun. Many people choose to print their own – especially if they are on a budget.

6- In The Display List

What kind of food do you serve? Whether you’re serving finger foods or catering events, it’s time to plan what to serve for dinner. When planning beverages, make sure there are caffeinated and non-alcoholic options as well. Now it’s time to decide what kind of cake you will serve.

7- Fun

While some themes (like Casino Night) require you to have a game plan, other themes offer more flexibility. Most parties are fine with music and gatherings, but if you want to help your guests get into the party mood, it’s a good idea to plan some fun activities. Activities like charades and karaoke often keep your guests entertained and relaxed.

8- Decorations And More

No matter what theme you choose for your birthday party, you’ll need at least some decorations banners and streamers. Party supply stores offer affordable decorations for a variety of party themes, so you’ll have no trouble finding what you need. Along with the decorations, make sure you have enough cups, plates, napkins, dinnerware, etc. Stock up now to avoid running out during the party! With a little planning, even a novice host can throw a fun and imaginative birthday party that adults will love.

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