Twitter User Made a Browser Extension to Spot Paid Verified Accounts

After confusing the verified badge status, Twitter has finally clarified that it will separate paid and verified accounts on its platform with two separate badges.

Although this is a good step, it is still difficult for users to find official accounts against members who have missed their answers or deadlines. So, a Twitter user created a browser extension that notifies users of different accounts directly on their handle names, making it easier for everyone.

A Browser Extension for Easy Spotting

Two weeks after the purchase, Twitter has already become a public mess. As Elon Musk mentioned earlier, anyone who subscribes to the Blue plan for $8 a month can get a verified badge that looks authentic on the platform.

However, since everyone has a verified badge on their profile it creates a huge opportunity for impersonation. So, Twitter introduced another badge called “Verified”, which is dedicated only to specific accounts – government, politicians, media and other entities, to distinguish them from general verified users.

Well, it confused the community a bit as people had to look at their respective account profile page to find the official badge with the verified tag. Because it’s so painful, one Twitter user came up with a browser extension called Eight Dollars — which replaces Twitter’s verification badge with two separate labels for each profile name.

The extension displays each account’s verification type — whether it’s “actually verified” or “paid for verification” — separately from their profile name. All of these tweets are reflected in replies and timelines, eliminating the need to visit their profile page to verify authenticity.

Determining how genuine someone is can give others a better idea of ​​how to judge their tweets before or after they reply. Although the extension is only available for the Chrome browser, creator Walter Lim says it should come to Microsoft Edge and Firefox and Safari.

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