Styling your home

Styling your home

Starting at square one in anything can seem pretty daunting and overwhelming. When I work with new home buyers, a fresh build or even in my own home, the first steps I take to creating a look for a room are always the same and it should be this easy for you too. Want an extra 10% off, visit Hansel Gretel Australia

Start with the art

When designing a room, find a beautiful piece of wall art that speaks to you and utilise it as your focal point. The artwork will instantly give you a colour palette to work with as well as create a mood depending on the colours within it. Artwork doesn’t necessarily mean a painting. It can also be a wall-hangings, grass baskets, vintage posters, wallpaper and so forth. A bare walled room can often times look unplanned and not properly considered. So, don’t leave your walls til’ last! High Noon - Hansel Gretel Australia

Practical Furniture

Thinking of what the room will be used for, plan out the pieces of furniture you are going to need. For example; A living space directly adjacent to a kitchen and dining area will be your most used family room, so you’re going to need a sofa and chairs to accommodate the use of this room. Taking this into mind, you can use this throughout your home in other rooms. Before grabbing furniture that you think is ‘cool’, focus your energies on the necessities first.

Denmark Sofa - Hansel Gretel Australia

Decorative Furniture 

Now we’re at the ‘cool’ vs ‘practical’ stage. This is where all of those pieces you’ve been eyeing off online or in store for a while can actually play their part. The coffee table, an armchair or bedside tables! These in their own right are practical in use but they’re also the items that are of a decorative nature. 

Light it up

Along with art, I’ve found that folk forget about lighting or leave it for years down the track before realising, ‘Woah! A lamp would pull this together!’. We are all aware of the lighting that’s in our roof (eyeroll). But in a well styled and well-designed space, lighting in the form of a floor lamp and/or table lamp can really make a room come together and read well. Using a warm light bulb in your lamps can really bring warmth in the evenings or on cold nights and can truly make you feel calm and comfortable.

Check out the gold palm floor lamp and Scandinavian Tripod floor lamp

The End Game

This is the best part and my favourite too but I cannot stress enough how important it is to leave this part until the end. Picking all of your decorative accents and accessories! All of your soft furnishings like a rug and cushions, accessories like vases and sculptures and plants for that green and natural vibe. Choosing pieces that are within the colour scheme of your chosen artwork and adding greenery (faux or genuine) will convey an absolute understanding of your design and create a flow that reads well to the eye.

You’ll be surprised that I mention choosing your rug last. I’ve done this mainly because by the time you choose your practical furniture and decorative furniture your rug may not suit them. By leaving it until you choose the rest of your decorative pieces, you’ll know full well that it works with everything.

Hansel Gretel Australia - Selection of goods


Hopefully, this will get you on a fast path to choosing all your bits and pieces and create a design that works for you! Comment below about your own journey to your design. 

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