Pets At Home stores will not sell rabbits over the Easter weekend

It is assumed that Pets At Home prohibits the sale of rabbits during the Easter season. Each year, the interest of the clients in the rabbits increases due to its association with the holidays in Holy Week. In a move designed to disregard all genuine interests, customers will not be able to buy or adopt a rabbit from Good Friday to Easter Monday at any of its stores, including the Grimsby and Cleethorpes stores.

Hannah Ornsby, manager of the store at Pets At Home Grimsby, said: “Our decision to stop rabbit sales and adoption at Easter has been made to educate potential owners about the importance of responsible pet ownership.

“Our informative workshops will help families understand what it means to be a responsible pet owner and learn playfully and freely about small furry animals and rabbits during the holidays.”

To underscore this message, the company will host the My Pet Pals Easter Activities Club at Pets At Home Stores from March 24 to April 15. The club will offer fun interactive activities that are expected to educate the next generation of pet owners on how to responsibly care for smaller pets.
The purpose of the Pets At Home workshops is to raise awareness about the welfare of rabbits and help potential rabbit owners make an informed decision about the long-term commitment to have a pet.

The business team will be available to share their knowledge and consult children about the care and welfare needs of small furry animals, including rabbits, such as shelter, food and water, good health, appropriate society and the right living environment .

Pets at home to prohibit the sale of rabbits at Easter (Image: Pets at home)
In addition to the prohibition and educational workshops, Pets At Home has also shared a list of considerations for potential rabbit owners:

Rabbits are sociable creatures that can be wonderful pets for experienced pet owners and, of course, are social, intelligent and curious animals.
Rabbits can become friendly and confident in the human environment if they are treated with caution at an early age.
The apartment occupies an important part of your home and garden; You must make sure they have a large area in the home.
Initial setup costs for your barn and accessories can be expensive at first glance.
Rabbits have very distinctive personalities and, once domesticated, they love to spend time with them and other compatible rabbits (ideally rabbits live in pairs).
Rabbits can enrich their children’s learning environment and help them learn more about animals and the natural world. They are suitable pets for older children, supervised by adults.
Rabbits take time every day to cleanse, feed and control health.
Owners must be able to take into account the costs of veterinarian bills, the costs of bedding and food during the lifetime of rabbits and be able to commit to these ongoing costs.
Rabbits should also be vaccinated and neutered. It is worth noting that unneutered rabbits can become aggressive. If they are mature and prone to cancer of the reproductive system, sterilization is not just to avoid unwanted babies.
The decision to obtain a rabbit should not be taken lightly; Rabbits can live up to 12 years, so they are a long-term commitment.
Rabbits prefer the company of other rabbits: the temperament of any other pet you currently have, such as cats and dogs, should be taken into account when greeting a rabbit in your home. Rabbits should not stay with guinea pigs, since they feed each other and communicate in different ways.

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