Pakistan orders arrest of identification of foreigners

Pakistan orders arrest of identification of foreigners. Pakistan’s Interior Ministry law enforcement agencies arrested 24 thousand foreigners ordered to take legal action against them. To whom the identity card these foreigners namely the National Database Registration Authority. NADRA alleged collusion with officials of the Pakistani identity cards obtained in different periods of growth. However they have been canceled.

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Pakistan orders arrest of identification of foreigners

Pakistan orders arrest of identification of foreigners

The registration says that more than 24 thousand people. And 76 thousand of them in the event of suspicious identity card has not been renewed. Most of them are Pakistanis. Pakistani officials Nadra ID card for foreigners which have been canceled. While the majority of them Afghan people from Bangladesh and Burma are second and third respectively. Intelligence reports sent to the Ministry in this regard. Pakistan orders arrest which it has expressed concern.

The people that are with the militants of the banned organizations. Personnel from the various banks asses to achieve their aims account can use. An Interior Ministry official reports have mentioned that. ID cards that those individuals. Who had written the addresses of their homes. Most of them do not have their residential addresses.

While these are negligible information about where they are currently. Interior Ministry official in the light of the reports of the four provinces have been directed to police. Policy that tenants must strictly implement the landlord of the tenant must be effective ID card. According to official policy implementation will help detect individuals. People being canceled official identity card to the bank account was written about State Bank. However the considerable success so far.

According to NADRA spokesman Ali excels 76 thousand plus people over 24 thousand people are those whose identity cards have been found suspicious. It was not renewed due. He said that Pakistan has more than 76 thousand people. Speaking to the BBC he said identification data of individuals that joint investigation teams have been formed.

Pakistan orders arrest. These teams dray ISI military intelligence and police officials including the IB. Punjab and Sindh province excels in the data related to the investigation of the joint investigation teams. Headed by officers of the Intelligence Bureau guide. Research teams in the NWFP and Baluchistan headed by ISI officers have been given. Baluchistan Frontier Corps personnel including those teams. To read this news on official site in urdu visit BBCURDU.

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