How Can We Search Posts By Date In WordPress Sites

How Can We Search A Post By Date In WordPress Sites, Today I want to tell you a little tip about the wordpress. Some times we want to search the published posts in any wordpress site. If we know this method then we can easily search the posts. So we go to our lecture.

First of all we can type the site address into the browser which we want to search the posts that are published on any date.

How Can We Search Posts By Date In WordPress Sites

For example I can type and press enter to opened the site. Now you can see the site is open. Then type our desire date which we want to search. Be careful when you type the date. The syntax  of putting the date should be as

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If the posts are published in that dates which you type, the result is shown on you computer screen.

I hope this informative post is very helpful for you. Do not forget to comment on this post. Take care and remember me in your prayers.

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