Check Internet Broadband Net Speed Online Test

broadband speed test online

Check Internet Broadband Net Speed Online Test. PTCL is the most popular internet provider in Pakistan. It has more than 730000 broadband customers in cities and town of Pakistan. PTCL offered different speed to its users. So sometimes we want to check online internet broadband DSL speed. On this page you can easily checked your dsl internet speed just one click. With this PTCL speed test tool you can test your DSL and Evo internet real speed. PTCL provides this service totally free.

internet speed checker

How to use ptcl speed test meter

  • Simply click on Begin Test button to start process and wait few seconds.
  • when you click on the button. Two results are completed. One download speed second upload speed. Download speed is shown left hand side. And upload speed is shown on right hand side of the window.

Check Internet Broadband Net Speed Online Test

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