How Can We Change Theme in Google Chrome For FaceBook

theme and templete for facebookHow Can We Change Theme in Google Chrome For FaceBook or any other famous web site. Hey friends how are you. My name is Abbas. Today i want to tell you very interesting trick for face Book. Facebook is a very popular site now a days. Facebook default theme is only one that you see it every time. Some time you want to change it but you can not know this how can you changed it. Do not worry today i want to tell you that How Can We Change Theme in Google Chrome For FaceBook.

First of all you can open your Google Chrome Browser. On the top right hand side click on Customize And Control Google Chrome button. Then a small list will be shown now you can click on Settings.

Customize And Control setting


select setting

A new window will be appears. On the top left hand side select Extensions. A new Page will be appear scroll down your mouse and click on Get More Extensions. When you click on it a new window will be appear. This page shows you chose the chrome web store. In this search area type Stylish and press enter button to continue. A big list is opened with many theme. But we can chose Stylish and click on Free button for the next process.


get more extension

search the store

chose stylish extension and press free button to continue

Now browser can checking your extension and show a pop up window for conforming you to installed it on your browser. So click on Add button to install the stylish extension. When this extension installed successful. This will be shown on extension area of the browser.

conformation message

installation process completed

log in your FaceBook account. Click on Stylish extension button on the top right hand side and select Find more styles for this site. When you select this button a new window will appear with many Theme and Skins. Chose your favorite Theme and press Install With Stylish button to apply the theme. Wait a little time and Refresh you FaceBook page, now you can see that Facebook default theme will be changed with your new theme.

chose face book skinns

If you want to change Facebook default theme again then you can click on stylish extension button on extension area. And select Delete to delete this theme.

delete theme and skinns

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