Facebook Login Security Approvals

Facebook Login Security ApprovalsToday Guys I want to shair with you a little tips about facebook login security approvals. This lecture is for those people who can not know about the facebook security options. Some times a post is appear on our page and we click on it. When we click on that post our important information like our password, sent to the hacker. We can not know it. The hacker has hacked our accounts information.

So i think today i can make a post for those poeple whos can not know about it. It is not difficult. Only put the some information.Anyway we go to our lecture.

  1. First of all login to you Facebook ID.On the top right hand side click facebook security on popup button. A list will appear then click on security.face book setting
  2. New page is appear, now on top left hand side click security menu. When you click on it, security settings will appear.security
  3. Click on Login Approvals. When you click on it. Its option will appear now click the checkbox.facebook login approval
  4. login approval dialog box
  5. A login approval window will appear click on Get Started button for the next process.what are login approvals
  6. Set up Your Phones Security Codes window will appear. Select your phone kind, for example android, iphone, ipad touch or other and click continue.facebook security code setting
  7. When you click the above process, a login aprovals code will appear on your phone. Put this code into the given area and click on continue button.facebook alternate security setting
  8. Login Approval Setup is Complete, a dialog box will appear. Click on No thanks check box and close the dialog box.facebook security setup is completed

log out your facebook account and login again other browser or PC. When you login, a security code is sent to your phone number. Put it in security area and click on continue to login to your account.

Now your facebook security setting is strong anybody can not hack your account.

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See you in next lecture. Remember me in your Prayers. Good Bye

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