Change Movie Language In Other Language

Today our lecture is about Media Player Classic that  how can we change a language in it. Some time we want to watch movie in other language. The Media Player Classic has a feature that it provide us diffrent language, if these languages are put into the movie.Todays many movies are dubbed in diffrent languages and media player classic provides us facility to watch and learn these languages. Anyway we goes to our lecture.

Change Movie Language In Other Language

1- First of all we can download Media Player Classic to reliable web site. Click under the link to download it.

Download Media Player Classic

2- Install it and open any movie fron it.

3- Right click on the movie and select Navigate.

4- Then click on Audio Language and click your desire language.

Note: If the language is given in dubbed movie then you can change it other wise you can not change it and the default language is remain. .

I can explain it with picture. The picture is as under.

Change Movie Language In Other Language

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