Download Videos From FaceBook or Any Web Sites Just One Click is very easy now. Today guys i want to tell you how can you download videos from any web site for example FaceBook, Dailymotion, Vimeo And Tune Pk. It is a plugin that provide us facility to download any video just single click.

Some time internet user can not download video from any site because this site is not complected with  browser. Video Downloader Professional is plugin. Any one can used this plugin and download any video, save it on their computer hard disk. You can play them at any time without going back to the original site. With the help of this plugin you can play any video and click on that plugin to download this video easily.

Any how we go to our lecture. Today I can learn you how can you add Video Downloader Professional extention in Google Chrome. First of all open your Google Chrome browser and in the Google search bar type Video Downloader Professional then press enter. Select the first link to the next process. I can explane this with picture, See the picture as under.

Download Videos From FaceBook

New window will be appear, in that window you can click +Free button on the top right hand side of the window then click on Add button to install it. A message will be appear that video down loader professional will be added to chrome. And click this button to used the extension.

Download Videos From Any Web Sites

click +Free button to add the extension

video down loader professional

Now opened your desire web site where you want to download videos.I opened web site to download any video. Play any video and click on this extension a small list will be appear. Click on green button (Download) to download video. When you click on it your video will be began to downloading.

download video

click on icon to download video

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