Kendra Wilkinson & Husband Hank Baskett Are Preparing to Separate

After nearly nine years of marriage, there seems to be a split between Kendra Wilkinson Baskett and her husband Hank Baskett. “We’ve gone very bad, especially in the last three or six months,” he tells people, who source one near Star Kendra on top of the couple who carries their covenants.

“She has always been someone who wanted to be fully employed, forever married, and it was definitely a girl: ‘I’ll never have a divorce’, but really lost confidence in her marriage and realized that there was not one Way back, “he said. The source says about Kendra, 32, who admitted in February to have “marital problems” with Hank.

The couple married in 2009 and welcomed two children, Hank IV, 8, and their daughter, Alija, 3, during their nearly nine-year marriage, which was shaken by a scandal four years ago. Years In 2014, Hank, 35, allegedly had an affair with a transgender model, while Kendra was eight months pregnant.

Although the two committed themselves to their cheating scandal and tried to make their relationship work, the source says, “Kendra just is not happy, they are constantly arguing and she can not trust him.” ,

Last summer they faced more stress when they temporarily lived in the distance, as Kendra in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the off-Broadway comedy Sex Tips for heterosexual women by a gay man, who spanned the New Year. ,

“To be honest, at first I was weak, I was really weak I really started to miss my home, I started to miss myself, it was almost like a detox, which we both went through because we are used to it, every minute Being together today … Now that we are separated … it was hard, it was very intense, “he said E! News in July.

During her time in Las Vegas, Kendra flew to California once a week, but mileage separation was not easy for her.

“They’re getting more and more apart, especially when they were in Las Vegas. He came to visit her and came home once a week, but it was really hard for her, “says PEOPLE.

As the likelihood of a split arises, the star of reality dedicates its time and energy to its children and to themselves, including time with their friends.

“He focuses on his kids and makes sure they feel safe.” She has hiked, trained, done many Pilates and tried to stay healthy. She also spends a lot of time with friends and she has relied on her for support. They tried to help her not to think about her marital problems, “says the source.

While Kendra and Hank seek the possibility of division, they focus on the well-being of their children.

“They still talk, but it’s mostly for kids, it’s really important for both of them not to traumatize the children,” the source says. “They will do anything to achieve an elegant separation.”

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