Mourning for former Criminal Commissioner Palu | Jochen Senf is dead

He was commissioner of Tatort Palu: Jochen Senf is dead. The actor died at the age of 76 years in Berlin. Jochen Senf is dead. The Sarre-known “Commissar of the Place”, Commissioner Palu, died at the age of 76, just as his brother Gerhard confirmed the German news agency.

Mustard played for 17 years the function of the “crime scene” Max Palu in Saarland. Always on his bike, Senf gave his unconventional and somewhat capricious commissary role a special character.

Born in Frankfurt, he came to Saarbrücken at the age of ten, where his father was Minister of Finance of Saarland in 1954/55. After studying German and Romance studies, Senf attended the theater school in Saarbrücken.

Then Jochen Senf worked as a scriptwriter, director and actor, 1969-78 as dramaturga radio play at Radio Saarland. He worked in a youth center and juvenile delinquents.

Jochen Senf recently lived in a nursing home
In search of a distinctive personality, the Sarre-Mustard Diffusion committed itself in 1987 in his “crime scene” of the Saarland. The first episode “Salu Palu” was aired in January 1988. The first film was about girls trading and prostitution in the border area. The bald Max Palu (spoken: Palü) was a real type among the ARD commissars.

Also in the private sector was the mustard gourmet and he enjoyed cycling. “I interpret the Commissioner as I am,” he said when the “crime scene” began at the age of 45. Palu was his first major role on television. Before filming, he confessed, “I do not even know how to hold a gun.”

The Out as commissioner for “Tatort” came in 2005, long before the big cacophony and crime novels began on television. After that, it was quieter around the mustard, which leaves two children behind. “Marriage is not important to me, a previous marriage, the only reason to marry are children,” he once said of the “Berliner Morgenpost”. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” felt with people like their mustard Palu “a diplomat, sometimes not necessarily honest, so reliable, committed and chubby”.

For several years, the actor is with Margret Lafontaine, the ex-wife of the former Prime Minister of Saarland, together. More recently, mustard lived in Berlin. There he was seen a few years ago in the Kurfürstendamm comedy.

Two years ago, the newspaper “Bild” visited him in a nursing home and quoted “I shit.” At that time he did not want to reveal anything about his illness, but walking was difficult for him.

The Sarre Broadcasting, his long-standing home stations, paid tribute on Sunday, among other things, in a tweet: “Red wine, French bread and bicycle: For 17 years, Jochen Senf dedicated the” “place of crime Max Palu Au revoir” peculiar (AZ / dpa)

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