Does Jean-Claude Van Damme have a Twin Brother?

Van Damme’s fame spread like wildfire when he played the lead role in Double Impact. He acted in some amazing action movies with his twin brother. Fans are excited to see the creativity behind the film.

A section of his fans wants to know if he has a twin brother in real life or not. Famous wrestling star Rob Van Dam is rumored to have a twin brother who was separated at birth.

He teams up with his twin brother in one of the most thrilling action movies. Fans were thrilled by the creativity behind the movie.

Their striking resemblance quickly confuses people that they are twins. In this guide, we reveal the truth about the Jean-Claude siblings.

Does Jean- Claude Van Damme Have a Twin Brother?

The short answer is ‘No! Jean-Claude had no siblings. As a sibling, he has only one older sister, Veronique von Wernberg, born to the same parents.

Véronique is a fashion and beauty enthusiast who owns and operates a hair and beauty salon.

Contrary to reports that Rob Van Dam is Jean-Claude’s brother, the wrestling star is not related to Jean-Claude. Wrestling star Van Damme, whose real name is Rob Chatkowski, resembles Jane’s iconic action star.

The popular action movie superstar hails from Belgium and was born on October 18, 1960. His real name was Jean-Claude Camille Francois von Wernberg. mr. As the only son of Eugene von Wernberg, his father enrolled him in a martial arts school at the age of ten to learn karate.

Jean-Claude’s love of sports allowed him to specialize in martial arts, which helped him in many karate competitions. When he earned his black belt at the age of 18, his determination and technical ability gave him the ability to master.

Jean-Claude also learns other martial arts skills such as Muay Thai, ballet and American kickboxing.

Van Damme Martial Arts Stunts

As a teenager, Jean-Claude won his first karate middleweight tournament. He competed in several karate tournaments in 1976 and won his first professional karate title by knockout.

The martial arts star turned to weightlifting to build muscle and won the title of Mr. Belgium for his weightlifting skills. His success in martial arts earned him the nickname – The Muscles of Brussels.

In 1980, Jean-Claude moved to America to start a new career in acting. He played various supporting roles before starring opposite Chuck Norris in the 1986 film No Retreat No Surrender.

After playing fighting roles in films like Bloodsport (1988), Kickboxer (1989) and Double Impact (1991), the action star found his right foot in the film industry. He also acted in the 1994 film Time Cup. The film grossed over $100 million at the box office.

Jane Van Damme has been away from other movies lately. He is a family man with three children, Cynthia, Nicholas and Christopher.

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