Diablo 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch despite Blizzards denial

The ‘will they, won’t they?’ theory of whether Blizzard will discharge Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch proceeds, and this time, we’re back to ‘they will’, as sources near the undertaking clearly affirm its reality.

Eurogamer reports that its sources have affirmed a Diablo 3 port for the Switch is a thing, however that the authority uncover is booked for “a while away.”

The kerfuffle commenced a week ago with a tweet from Blizzard demonstrating a Diablo-themed nightlight being turned on and off. This was instantly trailed by a tornado of theory that Diablo 3 was headed to the Switch.

A Blizzard representative soon attempted to put a stop to the bits of gossip. “We can guarantee you we’re not that sharp” they stated, in connection to the tweet being an inconspicuous insight for the port. “[It was] intended to be a fun group engagement piece. We don’t have anything to report.”

Eurogamer’s sources did exclude whether the Switch port would incorporate the Reaper of Souls and Rise of the Necromancer developments, so we’ll likely need to sit tight for affirmation from Blizzard or Nintendo on the presence of the port before we can discover any more subtle elements.

Either that, or sit tight for another person to let the cat out of the bag.

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