Convert Amazon gift card/Pay balance to Google Play or Google wallet!

Can I use amazon gift card on google play? Or Someone sent you an Amazon gift card and you want to Convert Amazon gift card or Pay balance to Google play balance? But don’t know how to convert?

Don’t worry we’ve got a few tested and working techniques to transfer Amazon gift card money to Google play balance or wallets.

It’s an official and simple way to send amazon pay money to a google play account. So let’s get started with the guide.

Convert Amazon gift card or Pay balance to Google play

Converting the Amazon gift card or Pay balance into Google play balance consists of 3 steps.


First, redeem Amazon gift card into Amazon pay balance. Then Purchase a Google play card using an Amazon Gift card balance. At last, redeem Google play gift card.

I. Redeem Amazon gift card into Amazon pay account.

To redeem or convert the Amazon gift card money to your Amazon Pay account, follow the simple steps.

1. Open the Amazon app and Head towards the Amazon Pay section.

2. Now scroll down till you find Add Gift Card under the Gift section.

3. It will open the ‘Add money to your balance‘ page.

4. Now enter the 15 digit Amazon Gift card code in Add a Gift Card option and Tap on Add to your Balance.

You have successfully added money to your Amazon Pay account from your Gift card.

II. Convert Amazon Pay balance to Google Play account

Now the second step is to convert your Amazon pay money to a Google play account balance.

This process will convert your Claimed Amazon gift card money into a Google Play account.

1. Open the Amazon app and then tap on the Amazon Pay section.

2. Select Google Play Recharge option under the Recharge section.

3. Enter the Amount that you want to transfer into your Google Play account and simply tap on Pay.

4. Now Choose Amazon Pay balance as a payment method.

5. Done!

An alternative way to transfer the Amazon Pay balance to a Google Play account is You have to Purchase a Google gift card instead of doing recharge.

1. Search for “Google play recharge code” in the Amazon app or you can use Amazon Website.

2. Now enter the amount ($, ₹, £, €, or any other currencies) that you want to transfer to Google play.

3. Tap on Pay and select Amazon Pay as a payment method.

4. Copy and save the Redeem code to redeem in google play account.

III. Redeem Google play gift card

Now it’s time to redeem the google play gift card that you’ve ordered through amazon pay.

1. Check the Google play gift card from Orders and Copy its 16 Digit redeem code.

2. Now open the Google play store and then select Payment methods.

3. Scroll down and there you’ll find Redeem code option.

4. Enter the copied code from the Amazon app.

You have successfully converted your Amazon gift card to a google play account.

Convert amazon gift card to google wallet

Converting an Amazon gift card to Google wallet includes moving the Amazon gift card balance to Amazon pay balance and then transferring it to your Bank account.

So first of all we’ll need to convert the gift into an amazon pay balance, then convert this pay balance to your bank which is linked with Google pay wallet.

Can I transfer amazon credit to another account?

You can transfer Amazon pay balance credits to another account like a Bank account, Google Play balance account.

Just follow the steps that we’ve explained in this article.

But if you are transferring Amazon balance credit to another Amazon account, you can achieve it through the Amazon Pay app.

1. Open Amazon Pay app and then select Send money option.

2. Now select the contact no of another account where you want to send money.

3. Enter the amount and Select Send money.

You’ve sent all the money to Another account. It works just like other Wallet apps. You just have to put some money into your account then transfer it to another account.

Can Amazon gift cards be used for Google Play?

You can use an Amazon gift card to buy Google play purchases. But first, you will need to transfer it to the Amazon pay balance.

Then you’ll have to purchase a Google Play recharge code using Amazon Pay balance. For more detailed steps, refer to this article.

Can I use a Google Play gift card on my iPhone?

You can use a Google Play gift card on your iPhone. There are two different ways to do it. Either you convert Google play gift card to a Bank account balance or you can transfer Redeem Google play gift card into your Google play account.

Most probably iPhone doesn’t support the Google Play store. But you can log in through the Google play store website OR Use the android phone to transfer.

How do I redeem an Amazon gift card on Google Play?

You can’t redeem it directly. First, you’ll need to redeem it on Amazon App or on the Amazon website. Then convert this Amazon Pay money into a Google Play card.

After that redeem your Google play card and Have it in your Google Play account to purchase anything you want.

My views on Converting Amazon gift cards to Google play

It’s a two-way process to convert the Amazon Gift card money to Google play account balance. You can transfer the money directly from amazon pay to google play or you can purchase Google play recharge card.

If you face any difficulties in any step of the tutorial, please add it to the comment section. We’ll definitely help you to solve it!

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