Convert Amazon gift card balance to Visa, Cash, Bank or PayPal

If you have an Amazon gift card and you want it to convert to any platform like Paypal, visa cards, or directly into cash.

We have written a couple of articles on transferring a balance, gift cards, or credit to Paypal, google play, or bank.

But in this article, we’ll explain how we can convert amazon gift card to PayPal, Visa, or Cash?

Convert Amazon gift card to Visa, cash, or google wallet

How to convert an Amazon gift card to Visa debit cards or Visa gift cards? Can I use an Amazon gift card to buy a visa gift card? We’ve got a solution for your questions, and it is very simple and straightforward.


Also, keep in mind that you can’t directly transfer your amazon gift card money to Visa or Paypal. First, we’ve to convert it to Money then we can move or use them to buy gift cards or use as PayPal money.

I. Redeem Amazon Gift card to Amazon Pay account

First, redeem your Amazon Gift card to your Amazon account. Then we’ll transfer it to Your bank account or use it to buy Gift cards like Google Play, steam, or Visa gift cards!

1. Open the Amazon app and Select the Pay option as shown on the Screenshot.

2. Now find the option Add gift card. And it will open Add money to the amazon pay account page.

3. Then enter the 15 digit Amazon gift card redeem code that you’ve got in your Email or from where you have Purchased an Amazon gift card and Tap on Add to your Balance.

4. That’s it! you have successfully redeemed your Amazon gift card to your Amazon Pay account.

II. Use Amazon pay balance to buy a Visa gift card

Now we’ve converted our Amazon Gift card into the Amazon Pay balance. We’ve several ways to use it or to convert it to Visa gift card, PayPal, or directly to cash.

A) Buy/sell Gold with Amazon Pay Balance

    • Open Amazon pay balance.
    •  Now select Gold vault.
    •  Do mandatory verification and Enter the Amount that we’ve redeemed from the Amazon gift card(e.g. if you redeemed 10$ gift card please put 10$ here)
    •  Select “Proceed to Buy” and then select Payment method as Amazon pay balance.
    •  It will ask you to religion to an amazon account, then put your Amazon account number and they will send OTP for the verification process.
  •  Once all will be done, it will land you on the Payment method page.
  •  Then click on Pay and you have successfully purchased Gold using Amazon pay.

Now we’ll sell the purchased Gold and receive the money into our Bank account.

  •  Open Gold vault, Select the Sell gold tab and enter the gram that we’ve purchased in the previous method and proceed
  •  You’ve successfully sold Gold and converted the amazon pay balance to your account
Now we can use this money/cash to Purchase Visa gift cards!

This method doesn’t convert all of your money, you may lose some amount of money.

e.g. If you are from the United States, and you want to convert a 10 US$ Amazon gift card to a Visa card or cash, then you will end up with 9.50 or 9.75 US$. It’s because of the Buying and selling rate of Gold.

B) Sent Money from Amazon pay the balance to the Bank account directly

If you don’t want to lose any amount or don’t pay using the previous method for any reason, you can directly send your money to your bank account.

1. Open Amazon pay from the amazon app and Select Send money from the pay now option.

2. Then there you will find multiple options to send like Send through ScanUPI IDNear meto Phone, and transfer directly to Bank account.

3. You can choose any option according to your Choice. Here I am using the to bank option.

4. Now fill in the bank details and tap on Proceed to send money.

or you can send the money to your friend’s digital wallet like Google pay, apple pay, or even an amazon pay account. Then tell him to send it back to your Google pay wallet or to your Paypal wallet.

Convert Amazon gift card to PayPal

How to transfer amazon money to PayPal? Use our previous method ‘Convert amazon gift cards to visa‘ to convert the Gift card amount to your Bank account.

After you transfer your gift card balance to a bank, either you can buy a Paypal gift card and redeem it into a Paypal account or directly add money to your Paypal account.

Convert Amazon gift card to Google Play account

First, you’ll need to transfer an Amazon gift card to your Amazon pay account. Then buy a Google Play gift card using Amazon Pay balance or Send it to your Google Play.

Can you transfer Amazon gift card balance to Visa, Paypal, Cash, or my bank account?

Yes. We can transfer the Amazon gift card to Visa, Paypal, Cash, or my bank account. It is a bit tricky method.

First, we’ll convert our gift card money to Amazon’s pay balance. then we can do a bank transfer from the Amazon pay account.

We’ve explained each and every step in this article.

Can you cash out Amazon gift cards?

Yes, you can! Amazon gift cards can use to buy anything from the Amazon website or app.


  •  We can sell them to convert them into cash
  •  We can redeem them into Amazon Pay balance
  •  There are so many 3rd party app and websites that can convert your Amazon Gift cards into real cash

For more detailed information on how to convert Amazon gift cards to visa, PayPal, or cash, refer to this article.

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