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The children caught in the cave were ‘miraculous moments when diapers have found us

12 children trapped in northern Thai caves, reported to the media after their first withdrawal that when they find them, they are “wonderful moments”. The age of Edsamam is 14 years. Speaking in English, he told reporters that when the British diet saved them, they could only say hello.

The boy with his coach remained lazy for about two weeks in the caves of Luong. They returned home after a holiday on Wednesday morning. All the guys came to a press conference in Cheng-Ray in the junior team of the football club called Wild Bear. There was a field on the stage, and it was written on the banner that “Wild nature goes home”. These children were present with Thai rescuers who helped save them.

The child told how he passed the water in the cave. “Water is pure, not just water.” The 11-year-old Titan said that I tried that I would not think about food because it seemed to me that I was more hungry. ” On June 23, the children were missing and were released on July 2. The sale of the Navy brought them food and other things. The boys told how the relationship between them and the support staff was created within a week.

Titan says that the Seal Seal was the king of the cave, which always won chess Coach Chattingong’s coach paid tribute to a Navy official who lost his life in the operation. “We are very impressed that Salman gave up his life to save us, simply because we can go here and live here. When we heard this news, we accused her. We were very sad We felt so … we are because of the sadness of our family. ‘

Some boys said that they learned from this experience. One boy said that I promised that now I will be more cautious in life, and the other said that I learned that I will be patient and I will remain strong. For some time, these boys will be given observation of Buddhist speeches, since in Thailand it is traditionally believed that if a person is in poor condition, then he goes to Buddhist bishops.

Chiang Rai Prakash is the provincial governor of Paratoxan. They say that these boys are interviewed by the state media, now they will not speak more than the media. The psychologist who was there said that we want the boys of the world to become normal lives. 12 children aged 11 to 16 years and their 25-year-old coach disappeared on June 23. It was said that he entered the caves in the northern province of Chiang Rai, but because of the sudden rain, he was stuck in it.

They entered the caves in dry conditions, but the water and clay were closed, which caused them to go home in the dark. Nine days after the disappearance on Monday came two British diapers. The children sat on a rock in a cave about four kilometers from the cave of the bride. The first video of his meeting was published on Facebook on a Thai naval camera in which children were seen in the flashlight light.

These children told the diet that they all live and are very hungry. Thematic caves are usually filled with rainwater, and from September and October water. Experts who participated in the rescue operation were present with the boys and their coaches.

Every boy who raised oxygen to a pig had a difference. The boy’s face had a face that is better for a new diet. One of the participants in the rescue operation told the BBC that the boys were provided with careless medicines so that they could not get scared to go through the darkness and under the water. The rescue operation was conducted in three stages within three days.

After the success of the operation, coaches and boys were taken to the hospital, where they received medical and psychological support. This parrot was a 17-year-old birthday that day, and the boy brought a breakfast with him to celebrate, which later met the need for food in the cave. Assistant coach Kapul Chatting was found in the most delicious state,because he refused to eat anything and gave food to his children.

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