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The assurance of Imran Khan’s ‘Nazaba’ language is not used

The Pakistan Electoral Commission prevented Imran Khan from using the Nazi language during political campaigns during the election campaign. The election commission called Imran Khan on Thursday morning, but he himself was not present, but his lawyer, Babar Avan, represented him.

A commission of four members, led by Sindh’s member Abdul Ghaffar Sumero in the election commission, heard the case. During the hearing, the commission said that in one case the chairman of Tehrik-e-Insaf called party workers an inadequate word, Babar Avan said that Imran Khan does not do this only.

Babar Avan also showed a video of former President of the National Assembly Azad Sadik before the commission. They were told that they would respond to their information and “when the big leaders use this language, the world will not have any good effect.”

The election commission said that Imran Khan can not use such a language. Babar Avan assured that Imran Khan wrote a written confirmation that he will not use the next language, after which the hearing was postponed until the general election.

In the general elections in Pakistan, only one week passes, and leaders and candidates of all parties are actively holding elections, during which they sometimes use moral language. During the last week, Imran Khan called the supporters of PML-N in his opponent “Gad”, which was criticized by various districts.

PPP leader Bilawal Bhutto said that this trend is harmful to democracy in the country, when representative of the Muslim League-N, Mary Aurangze, asked the election commission to prohibit the appointment of Imran Khan. Order

The leader Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Finance Minister KP Prabhe Khattak and the leader of the PML-N and former president of the National Assembly Ayaz Sadik are also accused of using the Nazi language at rallies.

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