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Sikh leaders want Sunny Leone to change the name

Sikh leaders want Sunny Leone to change the name

In India, Sikh leaders threatened Bollywood stars with “Sunny Leoni” to counter the web series, because they called it “cover”. Recently, the trailer was released in the life of the Bollywood series “Sunny Leone”, “Karan Vince Cover”, “Inclusive storage of solar lones.”

Sikh leaders want Sunny Leone to change the name

This house is part of the real name of the Lion, and it is used in the name of women in the Sikh community. The house was used in the name of this web series, in which some Sikh leaders are embarrassed, and they say that it reduces the name of the divine name. In 1699, the 10th Sikh guru received the name of the house, Guru Gobind Singh finished caste discrimination and equality of Sikh women.

In the title of this series was used the name Sunny Leani, which has the cover of Karan Vince, but it is known as the  Star. July 16th, 16th, life in solar life was seen in this series.

On behalf of President Subhash Chandra, Jade-5, owned by Isla Group, Indian statesman Findinder Singh Sarsa said that the series should be closed or the word “core” was removed from its name. Sears is the only member of the Shiromani Heart Party and Secretary-General of the Delhi Committee on Management of Sidh Gordhad.

However, Chandra replied only to his letter that his name will not be changed. Other Sikh groups and leaders expressed concern that if their demands were not approved, they would act outside the network’s office.

SGP spokesman Dilheit Singh Buddhi says: “Home is a pure name that was chosen from a guru for women.” We will file a petition against these creators on Tuesday. ‘ Director of the series, actor Tantuck Dutt, who guards the actor, said that he has the right to use his real name.

He said the Times of India: “I respect the Sikh community. I’m Punjabi, but I’m amazed that the modern era is used to use the name of their own family, it’s their birthright, and what is it? This series is based on a true story about the life of Sunny Leone, how can you change the truth and why? ‘

Sanni Leone was born in Canada to the family of the Punjabi Sikhs. She became a full-fledged actress in the early 2000s and became a successful actress after becoming an actress in Bollywood. He started his career at Bollywood Body 2 in Bollywood in 2012, but because of the Big Show on the TV show in 2011, he already made his name in India.

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