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Salman and Akshay left Shah Rukh in the highest earnings

Salman and Akshay left Shah Rukh in the highest earnings

Among the most popular solitaires for Forbes are Hollywood actress George Cloni, Bollywood actor Salman Khan, and Akshay Kumar. George Cloney lasted 12 months last year to earn the highest money in all the actors. Some of them also sell their fragile company, which they created in partnership.

Salman and Akshay left Shah Rukh in the highest earnings

Forbes reported to the 57-year-old Hollywood actor Clonie June 1, June 2017, May 31, 2018, in 2018.

Thus, they rank second on the list of the highest incomes in the world, and the file generator is the third. In the first months of this month, Forbes said that social networking stars are becoming the youngest billions of leaflets. Dan Johnson, who is known as Hollywood, is the fifth on this list, and his earnings are estimated at $ 1.25 billion.

This list includes football players Messi, star player of Portugal Christopo Ronaldo and Brazilian star player Nimar. Position Ronaldo declined last year. Last year he took the fifth place, and Nimar took the 13th position, 71st position – with 71 million dollars.

The senior manager of Forbes Magnus said: “This year’s entertainment has two big stories: Jennifer and Rock, who earned a lot of money from social media. The wheelchair is Cardiff’s younger sister. In the list compared to last year in this list at least 47-30.

In the list, there are mostly musical performers, and in this case, Ed Serena is the first and total number nine.

52-year-old JK Rolling is on 42nd place, and Lady Gaga – on 49th place with 5 million. Actress Jennifer Lopez is on the 53rd position, and Jackie Chan is in fifth place and the fourth quarter is $ 4 million.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is ahead of Salman Khan for his film “Toileta premiere of quota” and “Padman”. He takes 76th place and Salman Khan – at 82nd position. Salman was 71 years old, and Akshay Kumar was 80 years old. Last year, Shah Rukh Khan was on the 65th place among the actors of Bollywood.

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