creat a publisher dailymotion accountToday guys I want to share with you a trick about online earning with dailymotion. If you have a web site and want online earning with videos sharing then you can read it. Our young people can watch videos on the internet. And spent many time on the internet. But they can not tries to make money on the internet. Or they can not know about the ways of online earning. Many people  earne daily on the internet simply sharing a videos on their sites or facebook. There are many ways on the internet for earning. For one of these i can share with you. So we can go to our lecture.

former head office       head office dailymotion publisher

Our main target is “DAILYMOTION”. Dailymotion is a french video uploading website. With this user can upload and share videos. It main office is in immeuble Horizons 17 in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

In 2005 this site was created by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey in paris. Dailymotion allow user to upload and download videos with taging, channels and user groups. The user can upload maximum video length 4 GB and video timing 60 minuts. Dailymotion provides a facility to share videos another web site and plate forum, like youtube and facebook etc. The account holder can earn money to share these videos on diffrent forums. If you have a gmail or yahoo account then you can creat account. Click under the link to creat the “PUBLISHER DAILYMOTION” account.

creat a publisher account


(1)    Fill the first process in “Connect Your Dailymotion Account”

connect your dailymotion account

  1. Put your E-mail address into the email box.
  2. Chose your password and conform your password. Then click on Creat button for further process.put the email address and password in this field

(2)    Second process is to fill in the form. The form contain on you biodata.            So fill this form for further process.

second process

  1. In You are field describe about your self that you are individual or company.
  2. First name and last name field area are very important. When the earning are get from the publisher dailymotion. This name is used. So very carefully put the name of person in this field.
  3. In the company are field put the company name. If your are not a company do not put it.
  4. Put your address in the adress box.
  5. Fill your zipcode.This is your postal code.
  6. Put your city name into the city box area.
  7. Select your country name into the country popup button.
  8. “Where will you share dailymotion videos” Put your web site name where you share these videos and click to Next step. Do not worry if you have not want to put another web sote URL this time. Next time you can add an other site sign in to your Gmail account simply sending a mail to dailymotion that you want to add a new site into your publisher dailymotion account.Your detailWhere will you share dailymotion videos

(3)    The third process is about the agreement. In this you accept the terms and condition of the publisher dailymotion. If you broken the terms then it has a right to cancel your agreement or block your account.

accept the contract

  1. Check the box in the given area and click on submit button to submit the form. Two or three days letter a finaly report is sent to your email address. Then you can start your the check box to complete the agreement publisher dailymotion account

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