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Google lost 5 billion dollars in the EU with disbelief

Google lost 5 billion dollars in the EU with disbelief

The fine is almost double the previous record of 2.4 billion euros, Tech Company was ordered to pay for online shopping services last year. This is more than two weeks of revenue for Google Parent Alphabet Inc. and rarely limits its cash reserves of $ 102.9 billion. But this could add to the alcohol trade between Brussels and Washington.

Google lost 5 billion dollars in the EU with disbelief

Unbelief of the European Union Margaret Vaster speaks out against the United States. Refused. Prejudice, saying that he really likes the United States. “But the fact is, I have nothing to feel this way.” As the application of the law on competition, we do this in the world, but we do not do it in a political context. “

Google said that he would punish. “Android has made more choices for everyone, and no less. A bright ecosystem, rapid innovation, and low price are classic distinctive features of strong competition. ” President Vester, commission chairman Jean-Claude Juncker, is due to meet with US President Donald Trump at the White House next Wednesday to curb new tariffs on EU cars between Trump’s complaints about the US trade deficit.

Wester ordered Google to stop anti-competitive practices in contractual deals with smartphone manufacturers and telecommunications service providers within 90 days or receive an additional penalty of 5% of the world’s average daily business of the parent alphabet. “Google used Android as a means to consolidate the dominance of its search engine, these practices allowed competitors to innovate and compete. They are effective for European consumers in important mobile zones. They were deprived of the benefits of competition, “Vester said.

A supporter of the European Union rejected Google’s argument about competition with Apple (AAPLOO) and said that the manufacturer of the iPhone was not able to prevent it because of its high prices and switching costs for users. Android, which, according to the research firm Strategy Analytics, manages 80 percent of smartphones in the world, is one of the three most important cases of unrest against Google.

Some major Android device manufacturers, including Samsung Electronics Company (005930.Kex), Sony Corp (6758 T), Lenovo Group Limited (9.29 HK) and TCL Corp (000100 SZ), commented on the EU case refused. The manager of the fund “Polar Capital” Ben Rogoff said who keeps the shares from the moment of the first public offering of Google and is widely neutral in Google, said that their lack of a market in regulatory actions against technical giants such as Google and Facebook Sting might lack strength.

“The reality is that while they bring great benefits to their consumers, consumers will use these platforms. If they do this, advertisers will also be attracted to these platforms, because ROI (return on investment) is somewhere And it’s very difficult to repeat. “

Jeff Blaber of CCS Insight said that Google’s Eu-permission is six to eight years too late. He said: “Any action taken by the European Union is like stopping a stable door after installation.” “There is a big risk of unpredictable consequences of punishment of the consumer. In the case of additional inconsistencies in applications to increase fragmentation and hardware costs, Google must decide whether to change or customize the Android business model. “

The lobbying group Fairshrift, a complaint of 2013, launched an investigation in the EU, welcomed the decision and said that it could help restore competition in mobile operating systems and applications. “This is an important step in learning about Google’s abuse of Android.”

The third EU case, which has not yet been concluded, includes Google AdSense products. The competing authorities said that Google has banned third parties from displaying search ads from Google’s competitors using their product. Wester ordered several measures against taxation among other US companies in some European Union countries, especially two years ago, demanding that the Irish government withdraw from 13 billion euros in Apple Inc.

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