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Did Qatar pay $ 1 billion a year ago?

The date of December 16, 2015, was bad news for the royal family of Qatar. On the 28th day, the royal family was kidnapped and went hunting in Iraq. The new foreign minister, Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman al-Hasani, who became the dictator of Qatar, saw the names of his two relatives in the list of kidnappers.

He sent a letter of the wrecked Iraqi ambassador, Zed Al Awen, on a mobile phone: “Yasim Mai is the husband of husband and husband Khalid Mari. As soon as you receive a notification, immediately inform me about it. God must keep you in his law. ‘

During the next 16 months, they both carried out a full energy crisis One of the main reasons for this story is that Qatar released a billion dollars, releasing hijackers.

This amount fell to groups and people who were called “terrorists” in America. These include the “Khalid Hezbollah Group” in Iraq, who were accused of attacking American soldiers, and the US-based Qasim Slamani, the head of revolutionary Iran, banned him, which forbids the United States from finding out. , And a written alphabet, formerly known as Frontier Front, and linked to Al Qaeda in Syria.

But in this story, in other words, presented by Qatar, it is said that money was not paid to “terrorists”, and only the government of Iraq was paid. According to the Government of Qatar, this amount is in the official bank of the Government of Iraq.

A big role in conveying this story to the message is the message and voice mail between Qi Ambassador and Foreign Minister Qi, and they were brought to the BBC by the anti-government government. So Qatar really paid the biggest compensation in the history of foreclosure?

Foreign Minister of Qatar Sheikh Mohammed is an expert economist and is a relative of the Qatar era. He was not so famous before accepting service, but when he became Foreign Minister at the age of 35, he came to his reputation.

On the other hand, Saif Zahid al-Hatin in Iraq Iraq was informed that he was stationed as a colonel in the secret Qi agency and he deployed the ambassador’s first line in Iraq for 27 years. Before the crisis, the post of ambassador in Iraq was not considered important, but Jaida al-Qaeda helped to make his name.

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