Today I am shairing how can we creat a new Skype account. It is we easy to creat  it. Skype was launched first time in August 2003. It was created by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom. Now Skype is the Microsoft property. Microsoft purchased it in &8.5 billion. Today Skype is used for message and calling purpose.

Creating Skype Account

However we can start our lacture lets begain it.

  1. First of all we have a one Gmail account for this purpose. In my previous lacture i can explain it how can we creat a Gmail account. Guys you can learn this in my previous lacture.
  2. Open you browser and type press enter to contunue.
  3. The offical site of Skype is opened. The picture is given below.

offical skype site address link


4. In the top right hand side click on JOIN US button to continue.

5. the next page is about filling the form. I can contain it in 4 steps. These steps are as under.

name and email address required


1. In this step put the name into the boxes. Then enter you E-mail account. For example Gmail, yahoo etc.

2. Profile Information step is contain on some information about you, for example Birthday, Gander, Country, City, Language And Mobile Number. Now you can fill it.

profile information

3. In this option we can select that we can used it for personal or business. Then we chose Skype name and Password.

skype name and password


4. In this setps if we received any news updates from skype then we chack it other wise not. But me, I can select it by E-mail.

Then put the given TEXT in box and press enter to continue or click the button I AGREE. Now guys your skype account is created and is ready to use.

text conformation for robot security


I hope that you will enjoy for this informative post. And do not forget a comment on the post. Remember me in your prayers.

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